NAKU Hard Seltzer Lemon Sour 4,5 % alc.

Laitilan NAKU – stripped of everything but taste!

Laitilan NAKU Hard Seltzer Lemon Sour 4.5% is stripped of everything unnecessary. This is a drink for people who want to be refreshed by the natural sour taste of citrus without sugar, colourants, artificial flavours or gluten.

It’s no wonder that hard seltzers are one of the hottest trends in the international brewing industry – less is more.

NAKU Hard Seltzer comes in a stylish sleek can.

Best served cold.


Water, vodka, carbon dioxide, natural flavourings, acidity regulator (citric acid), magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium carbonate.

Nutrition facts per 100 ml

Energy104 kJ/25 kcal
Fat0 g
of which saturated fatty acids0 g
Carbohydrates0 g
of which sugar0 g
Protein0 g
Salt<0,05 g

Packaging and sales lots

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