Kukko Helles 5,0 % alc.

A soft and flavourful pale lager

Laitila's Kukko Helles is a filtered, pale lager. The roots of this beer type can be found in Munich of the late 1800s where it was created as a German answer to the Czech Pilsner. The Helles has more unfermentable sugars than the conventional Pils, giving the beer a distinctively rich body. The hoppiness is simple and clearly defined. Pale malts and German hops (Magnum and Perle) are used in the brewing of Kukko Helles.

Recommended serving temperature: +7 to +12 °C.

Also suitable for people with coeliac disease


Water, malted BARLEY (Pilsner, Caramel Pale), hops (Magnum, Perle).

Nutrition facts per 100 ml

Energy170 kJ/41 kcal
Fat0 g
of which saturated fatty acids0 g
Carbohydrates2,9 g
of which sugar<0,1 g
Protein0,5 g
Salt0 g

Packaging and sales lots

Package sizeSales lotProduct no.EAN productEAN sales lot
33 cl bottle24 x 33 cl729464186540050456418654207401
6 x 33 cl can/shrink wrap4 x (6 x 33 cl)827364186542074876418654207494
50 cl can24 x 50 cl827464186540050696418654207449
30 l keg1 x 30 l92616418654005076