We are committed to observing the principles of sustainable development as well as taking health, the environment and safety into consideration in every aspect of our operations.
Our operations are developed in accordance with our environmental and quality management system, and we update areas needing improvement every year.
We have emphasised sustainable development and responsibility in our operations by taking the following measures, among others:
– The company has a certified ISO 14001 environmental management system.
Since 2001, the production facility has used only wind power to generate its electricity.
Thanks to the use of wind power, since 2001 we have saved over 24,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions compared to coal condense power.



– Beginning in the spring of 2018, the company will have its own solar power plant, whose entire output will be used in-house.
– The company’s wastewater emissions are being monitored by an independent laboratory.
– Waste produced in operations is sorted and all recyclable waste is sent for recycling.
– Malt waste produced by the brewery is sent for re-use in the following ways:

  • 500 kg is used as feed for summer lambs
  • 2,000,000 kg is used as feed for livestock at a local beef cattle farm


– Glass, cardboard, wood and paper waste is sent for recycling.
– Energy waste is sent for re-use as an energy fuel.
– Aluminium and other metal waste is sent for re-use as a material.
– The company’s district heating is generated by tree bark and wood chips at a local sawmill.
– The steam used in production is generated by LPG.
– All company employees have pledged to observe environmental responsibility in their respective work environments.
– The company has joined the Energy Efficiency Agreement.