The factory is a friend of the environment

The factory is a friend of the environment

Since we started making old-fashioned soft drinks in 1995, our business idea has been to make drinks of unparalleled quality and imagination. In addition, we have always observed an environmentally responsible approach.

We became the first manufacturing company in Finland to adopt wind power as our sole source of energy. Since 2001 we have been producing every single drop of our tasty drinks using the power of the wind. In 2018, we also started using solar energy. We have the biggest solar energy plant in southwestern Finland on our factory’s roof. These are just a couple of examples of decisions we have made based on our conscience!

Our activities and initiatives have not gone unnoticed, and over the years we have received several awards for our environmentally friendly operations, such as the Hinku achievement for supporting carbon neutrality awarded by the Finnish Environmental Institute. In 2016, Greenpeace nominated us as the greenest brewery in Finland. This is one of our most significant recognitions.

It is fair to say that responsibility has always been a factor in our thinking and activities – and we will be holding on to it in the future as well.

With wind and solar power since 2001!