Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas

“It’s become quite clear, you see, that our bubbly beverages are craved by everyone impartial to imbibing – gentlemen and scoundrels alike.”Men from factory

Since 1995, our business idea has been to make drinks of unparalleled quality and imagination. We started making this business idea a reality by making old fashioned soft drinks in the Fazer company’s old “egg drilling” plant (where eggs were drilled and emptied to make Fazer Mignon chocolate eggs), which is located in the town of Laitila. The nostalgic drinks were made by hand with handmade equipment, right down to gluing labels on the bottles. The thing here was that none of the soda makers had the first clue about the industry, but their thirst to make something was unquenchable. Our first soft drink bottle was purchased by a gentleman from Laitila during the Poukanmäki Heritage Days – and we still haven’t heard any complaints from him about the quality.

Lacking in finances, the budding industrialists could not afford to purchase proper brewery equipment, so the product range was expanded to include Oiva cider in 1997. Even though the cider garnered considerable acclaim, catapulting the business to new heights, the industrialists’ hearts were still set on becoming brewers. Finally, in 1999, an old dairy tank was found in the scrap heap of a local company. A steam generator (used to thaw frozen pipes) was purchased from a plumbing supply company, connected to the tank and, lo and behold, Laitila had its first first piece of brewing equipment: the “Steam Beer Boiler”, named after Kukko Höyryolut (Steam Beer) that was brewed in it.

image005Much water has flowed along the Sirppujoki River since those days. Laitila has grown to become Finland’s fourth-largest brewery. Its products are now made in state-of-the-art production facilities, which have been expanded several times, using traditional production methods and the very latest technologies. The invaluable contributions of our inspired staff have resulted in, for example, Kukko beers, Oiva ciders, Into long drinks, Skumppa sparkling wine drink and a wide range of nostalgic soft drinks. The clever minds of our product development department never rest, constantly coming up with brilliant ways to bring Laitila’s highly-praised drinks–made using wind power, mind you–to ever more lips.